Rules for Commenting

So as I (hopefully) grow and develop my brand in the nutrition field, I hope to gain more online traffic.  However, for anyone who has looked at online comments on various sites, there are assholes out there.  And, because of that, I want to moderate comments so as to help keep this a welcoming site.  Well, welcoming for those who don’t mind that I am an opinionated asshole who says “fuck” a lot.  So what was I doing again?  Oh right, setting up rules for people to follow.

  1. No hate speech.  This includes being homophobic, racist, sexist etc.  I don’t want people to be scared away because they read the comments and saw that some dickshit posted about eugenics or other bullshit like that.
  2. No posting irrelevant promotions.  I don’t want to hear about how some random car dealer has sales on certain dates, or assholes posting adware or viruses.  If you have something cool nutrition or health related, feel free to post a link, but if I feel it looks sketchy, then it is gone (hint: if it looks like a link or other abreviated link, I do not trust it).  This also applies to nutritional supplements, as they are not regulated by the FDA, so I do not want people taking potentially harmful pills because of this site.
  3. If you are unsure of the credibility of the site or article, do not post it.  There is A LOT of false information on the internet, and I do not want people being persuaded because someone seemingly truthful lied to them.  So do not lie, or give false information.  I mean, there is a circle of Hell for this in The Inferno.
  4. I am the be all, end all here.  I can add more rules, or remove rules, as I see fit.  I can also delete comments that I feel do not fit.  If a comment gets deleted, it is not a personal attack, it is me ensuring the quality of my site.