Congratulations to the Class of 2016!!

I want to congratulate the Class of 2016 for graduating this year!  My sister is graduating from high school, and several people I have worked with in the past are graduating from university.  Good job on the hard work that has been put in over the past few years.  The blood, sweat and tears will (hopefully) be worth it !

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Juice Box Hero by Four-eigner: Is it better to juice or not?

Juicing: Is it healthy, or naw?

A quick Google search for “juicing recipes” turns up all sorts of beverages, with one beverage being seen for every ailment, from weight loss to hair growth.  Were this a couple hundred years ago, I would be concerned that some charming fellow was trying to sell me a bottle of piss, and that would make me shoot my six-shot better to keep the outlaws out of my town.  Probably some guy riding on some animal that wouldn’t survive well either, just to emphasize how shady he is.


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But here in the Wild West that is the internet, people are publishing their recipes for their juices.  Which makes losers like me who have nothing better to do than say swearwords while I bitch about food investigate this.  So, I propose the question, is juice GOOD for you?

My answer to my own question is:  maybe?  I mean, it’s all circumstantial.  Juice can be both good for you, and bad for you.  If you have a juicer, and you like to add whatever fruits and vegetables to it, I would say it can be healthy.  The juice would be rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, which are plant-based chemicals which are good for you.  This is a good thing.  Unless if maybe you are facing vitamin toxicity, but that’s another story.  However, the juice would be devoid of insoluble fiber, since you are taking the crunchy parts of the plant away.  If you do not like eating your produce, this is a good way to get these nutrients, provided you get fiber another way.

However, juicing also concentrates the Calories of all the fruits and vegetables, so juicing is not a Calorie-free experience, if you are into counting Calories.  Buying juice can also be unhealthy, since a lot of companies add other fruit juices to make it taste better, such as apple juice, which can add more Calories from sugar.  MayoClinic suggests juicing only one serving at a time, or buying pasteurized juice, to help reduce the chance of getting sick from bacteria that might grow in the beverage.

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So, for anyone who cares to respond, what is your opinion on juicing?  Is it something you do frequently, on occasion, or not at all, and why?

The Playlist: The Songs I have made puns of

Since I listen to a lot of bands, I am pretty sure that some of the songs I make puns of get lost on some people (plus, some of my puns aren’t that good.  Just saying.).  I am making a brief post about all the songs I’ve made into title, just in case people are curious.

Kill ‘Em All by Metallica

Toxicity by System of a Down

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson

I Did my Time by Korn

The End is the Beginning of the End by Smashing Pumpkins

Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

Giving Up by Emigrate

Alive by Die Krupps

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Alive by Me Krupps

This is going to be my final post to wrap up my depression stories.  I am simply going to recap some of the lessons I learned, and why I started this side project on my nutrition blog.

The first thing about mental illness, like depression, is that it can happen to anyone.  Mine has no real cause other than some biochemical bullshit happening in my brain.  Our society stigmatizes mental illness, which is a problem because nobody talks about it, and people are afraid to get care.  Imagine if people treated mental illness like broken bones.  There really should be no reason for people to treat others poorly because of an illness.

Secondly, some of my darkest days shaped my future for the better.  Because of my depression, I figured out what I wanted to do with life.  I had reshaped my life, and started to figure out what worked, and what did not.  I could not see that things were going to be better then.  People have a tendency to be unable to see the forest from the trees.  If your present sucks now, take steps to make the future better, and it will be better.

Third, change sucks, but if you embrace it, good things can come out of it.  Much like a plant my mother transplants during gardening, when first moved into new soil, it wilts.  But, if taken care of, it can bloom into a motherfucking monster of a tomato plant that makes some damn fine produce.

Lastly, be humble about things.  Treat others, as well as yourself, with respect.  I appreciate what people have done for me in the past, even if it didn’t seem it at the time.  I also can look in the mirror, and see my flaws.  I am human, so perfection is an impossible goal.  Being ambitious, I strive to reach it, but I know I will not reach it.  Still, because I respect myself, I seek happiness in my work.  Life is not about the successes you have, but how you get back up from failure, and those who help you recover.

Currently, I am happy to be alive.  The fruits of my labors are paying off.  I got into the dietetics program in university, so my dreams are coming true.  I have loving friends and family who have supported me the whole way.

But, in all honesty, it is possible I could have not been able to see it.  Often, I have thought about suicide.  It fucking sucks, to say the least.  Had I gone through, I would not have been able to find the happiness that life has bestowed upon me now.  So, for anyone even considering committing suicide, I beg you, please, don’t.  Life might not be peachy now, but it can be in the future.  Get help, there is no shame in doing so.  Hopefully, my life story inspires someone out there to get the help they deserve.  People out there do care, and life is an amazingly wonderful thing.

The Nutrition Punk’s Haiku Corner

I got really bored

Wrote nutritional haikus

What am I doing?


Dark, green, leafy food

High nutrient dense mofo

Not just for hipsters


Long, green, high-fiber

Low Calorie water sticks

Colonic tooth brush


Hot black seed water

Highly caffeinated prick

I drank the whole pot


Not very healthy

Bad, good effects.  Moderate.

I am too snobby.

Romaine Lettuce

Vitamin A rich

Beta-carotene eye sight

1-5-0 percent


Rooty veg’table

Also Vitamin A full

Eaten with some Ranch


High glycemic load

I eat bread with sandwiches

Get the whole grain shit



Some are allergic

High protein and healthy fats

Wasabi almonds



Suck my dietetic cock

Linked to C-V-D


Crunchy, sweet, orb things

Variety of uses

Arsenic in core


Underground tubers

High carbohydrate staple

Potassium king

Any more haikus?

Think mine are poorly written?

Comment some below!!

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Giving Up by Amigreat

The final story before my epilogue comes from spring term of 2015.  This is a case where the bigger they are, the harder they fall.  Now, coming from winter term, I had gotten a 4.0.  A fucking 4.0.  In college.  Not to mention, I was taking organic chemistry.  Organic.  Fucking.  Chemistry.  So, I think it is safe to say I was hot shit.  However, like actual high-temperature fecal materials, shit’s still shit.  I got knocked down a couple pegs the next term.

In an attempt to make my resume look better, I decided to try my hand at computer science.  Little did I know at the time, but this would probably be one of the biggest errors I would make in college.  Now, like my many other youthful peers, I have done dumb shit like procrastinate on a project until last minute, or forget about due dates or whatever.  Hell, I even done social faux pas that probably made me some enemies (I mean, I swear like a sailor, and can talk about controversial topics, like religion and politics, in a controversial manner, so don’t h8 m8).  I have not made mistakes that resulted in police action though, so there’s a plus.  My mistake was trying to educate myself in another field.  Go figure, that I get in trouble for trying to better myself, and others get in trouble for having weed and alcohol underage.

So what was so bad about computer science?  Well, for starters, since I had ZERO experience with coding, I sucked at trying to learn C++.  Congrats to those of you who can code a billion lines of code and get something cool to happen, I can barely code to get the computer to say “you fucking suck at coding, motherfucker.”  Secondly, the professor and teaching assistants I found less than helpful.  I tried my best, and yet there was a lack of understanding.  When I approached them for help, they gave a “this is easy” vibe, when I was struggling.  Fortunately, I was able to get the class on a pass/fail grading system, since I did not need it for my major.  For the first time in my entire educational career, I failed a class.

So, what did I learn?  Well, this class knocked me flat on my ass in a one-hit KO.  I learned to be humbler.  I also learned that human health is really my domain, and I should stay there.  I am all for branching out and trying new things (I mean, I am minoring in writing), but know your limits as well.  I went through this Hell, and I emerged relatively unscathed.  Sure, I had pissed away some money for the class, but the only thing that really got damaged was my pride.  I still made Honor Roll, because I did well enough in my other classes.  But damn, did this pull my head out of my ass.

Hurt by Mine Inch Fails

Somehow, my nutrition blog became more about me bitching about my depression.  Eventually, I plan on getting back into talking about food things, but for now I am chronicling my experiences.  Hopefully they help someone down the line.

So, if my life were a standup comedian, it would be Jerry Seinfeld.  Because the joke would be “what’s the deal with freshman year?” and people would laugh and that line alone would become a meme.  My freshman year of college was pretty much the worst I hope my life becomes, because I pretty much lost everything I had.

Starting off with fall term, I had “lost” my friends.  I mean, I was still friends with them, and I still communicated with them a lot, but I lacked that physical contact with everyone.  The loneliness was real, and really hurt.

Winter term was when things took a nose dive.  I had too much debt, and it was looking like I would have to drop out at this point.  I took on another job, so I was working two part time jobs.  The second job was so stressful that I started to have problems with my heart.  My relationship started to deteriorate at this point as well (if my ex is reading this, no hard feelings, but it just didn’t work out.  Long distance relationships tend to do that).  My roommate started to be more inconsiderate as well, since he was playing video games until the wee hours of the morning, despite me telling him to be quiet.  So, by this point, I had lost my mind, my health, my money, began losing my relationship.  I only had two things to lose at this point.  My grades, and my life.

Sometime during winter term, someone had jumped from the parking structure, and died.  This had happened probably in the building right next to my dorms.  I remember seeing cops in the area, and I had no idea of the grim reality that had happened there.  This was a wakeup call for me, since I saw myself heading down that path.  I had struggled with myself for a while, because seeing what the poor guy went through woke some demons up in me.  The amount of empathy I had increased thirty fold, and for the next few weeks, I was emotionally in pain.  Because of this, I took steps to bettering myself.  I decided to reduce my workload, and I quit my second job, because they treated the student workers like shit.  I took fewer credits, to focus more on myself as well.

Spring is a time of renewal.  Coming back from spring break was a fresh start for me.  I started to hang out with some of the people I met in my dorm (if any of you are reading this, you are pretty fucking awesome in my book.  Except for “that guy.”  Yeah, you asshole, you damn well know who you are.  You suck.) so I wasn’t so lonely.  My now-ex and I called it off.  It was a pretty clean break that probably should have happened sooner.  While my problems with the roommate persisted, I was at the point that I was like “fuck it, the year will be over soon enough.”

And sure enough, it was over soon enough.  Somehow I had gone through Hell, and survived.

The lesson here that I have to teach is that it gets better.  If you feel like harming yourself, or committing suicide, I please, please, PLEASE urge you to get help.  There is always help.  One of my regrets was not getting that help at all, so I suffered where I probably should not have.

And again, like with the last post, I want to thank the people who spent time with me during my freshman year.  I know I am a sarcastic asshole who doesn’t show as much appreciation as I probably should, but I am now taking the time to thank you for being there for someone in need.