Yet another stupid self promotion BS post

Boring not-very-fun-at-all fact:  I have a Twitter account and an LinkedIn profile!  My Twitter is @Nutrition_Punk, and my LinkedIn is Jarrett Knodel.  I do not do much with my LinkedIn account, but periodically I will update it with noteworthy things I have done.  My Twitter account is where I post general nutrition information (since I cannot legally give advice, and I sure as hell am not going to prescribe diets without a licence), as well as other articles that other food and nutrition people have posted.


My stupid dumb video

What happens when your nutrition class requires you to make a video?  This dumbass makes one, of course.  I might be stupid, but at least I do my fucking work.

Here is the link to my abomination of cinematic disasterpieces.

Mah stoopid vidyoh (opens in a new tab)