About Me

About me:

What happens when a sarcastic asshole with a passion for food, health, and rock n’ roll gets internet space?  Some food/nutrition blog that is a little bit sarcastic, and a whole lot of metal.  Starting in the unholy year of 2016, fans of food, health, and metal flocked to read what some idiot college graduate was posting about.

The intent for this blog is to give you the facts about nutrition, in a (hopefully) funny way, with a whole lot of puns based on rock, metal, and other music.  Topics include current trends and research in food and recipes.  After all, who DOESN’T want to learn how to make dope meals that will treat you like the badass you are?  And who WANTS to read long science-y papers with long words and a lack of thrashing drums and squealing guitars?

I got started on this blog when I was assigned to make a blog during my time at Oregon State University’s dietetics program.  I combined my burning passion for cooking and nutrition with a heavy metal flare and aesthetic.

I was a lost freshman in high school, unsure of where life was going to take me, when I discovered nutrition and dietetics.  I started to learn about how food can influence your body, from influencing health to causing your bag-of-bones to fail after you turn 30.  I thought “this shit’s pretty cool.” Once I graduated from high school, I went on my journey to OSU, where I received my education in a variety of things related to food and writing.

If you like what you read, why not subscribe follow my blog, or check out my Twitter @Nutrition_Punk?  Any support you punks give would be metal!  Keep on head banging!


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I’ve read your previous blog post on tea. It’s benefits or drawback.
    I believe tea contain high levels of fluoride. If, I wanted to reduce the levels
    in my tea. Would organic white tea be the better choice? I use a water filter.
    to get ride of the fluoride in my well water. So, no problem with fluoride in the
    water to make the tea. Your thoughts would be appreciated.



    1. My research is indicating that tea does not typically contain a whole lot of fluoride (http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/food-beverages/tea#fluoride). If fluoride in tea is your concern, then white tea would probably have the lowest levels because they are not very old or processed. However, just looking at the chart from OSU, you should be fine drinking whatever tea. Unsweetened tea is a good beverage choice when compared to other sugar-sweetened beverages.


  2. I am curious, in the rules for commenting section you mention moderating the site as to disallow people from being an asshole; yet you say you’re an asshole. I am pointing out the double standard here that allows you to be an asshole but not me. That doesn’t seem inclusive.



    1. You make a good point. I wrote this back when I first started the blog. These two sections have had minor tweaks here and there, rather than an overhaul. Per your observation, I changed some language in the Rules section to clarify between some cheeky guy who rants about nutrition, and some Neonazi fuckwad.

      If you are worried about the inclusivity of this site, I have always reserved the right to, and have, removed comments that were irrelevant, spammy, promoting of other non-nutrition related content etc. I am open to other ideas about food and nutrition, especially since everyone has their own opinion as a consumer. That said, if you are worried about a comment being removed, then don’t be off topic, and don’t promote hate towards others for things they cannot control. After all, if you want to shitpost or act like an asshole to people, this is not the place to do so. I’d suggest going to Reddit, 4chan, or Twitter if you want to partake in that.

      With respect,


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