Fruit by KMFDM (Kiwi Melon Fig Date Mango): Information on Fruits I Eat

Nutrition information on my commonly eaten fruits.

Everyone has foods they like to eat the most often.  For me, some of these things are fruits and vegetables. So, I am going to write about some of the fruits I eat most often, and their nutrition information, since that is most often not labelled on produce in America.  Because I have no life and have an unhealthy obsession with produce.  For my information, I went to Nutrition Data.

Apples:  Apples have fiber in them.  This fiber helps them to be filling.  Apples are low glycemic load, as well.  A low glycemic load means that it is lower in carbohydrates.  Foods below 10 are considered low glycemic.  Apples have a glycemic load of three.  Apples are very low in sodium and saturated fat, and a good source of vitamin C.  However, most of the 125 Calories per serving are from sugar.

Navel Orange:  Navel oranges are lower Calorie and higher in nutrients and more filling than apples.  Navel oranges are even higher in fiber and vitamin C than apples.  However, much like apples, a majority of their Calories come from sugars.  The glycemic load of navel oranges is also higher than apples, with a six rather than a three.  However, oranges are still considered low glycemic load.

Grapefruit:  I wonder how many people out there are cringing at the fact that I like grapefruit?  Eh, whatever.  Grapefruit is a bit higher Calorie than oranges, as well as less vitamin C per serving.  However, grapefruit also has a lot of vitamin A, which helps with vision.  Grapefruits are also more filling than apples and oranges and more nutritious as well.  While still having a low glycemic load, grapefruit have a higher glycemic load of seven.  One problem not reported here is that most people (myself included) like to eat grapefruit with table sugar.  While I am sure that I use less than the average person, this still increases the glycemic load as well as increases available simple carbohydrates.

I plan on revisiting this topic in the future, with maybe some recommended foods thrown in as well.  Or I might do one on vegetables, meats, grains etc.

Wow, I cannot believe that I got through an entire post without swearing!  Give me a motherfucking round of applause here!  Oops…

So what kinds of fruits do you guys most often eat?  What are some of your favorites?


Author: The Nutrition Punk

Some snarky college student at Oregon State University studying nutrition. Listens to too much rock, heavy metal and other loud music. My goal is to have a place to eliminate some misinformation about nutrition while trying to be funny about it. Note: I am not a doctor, so any advise on this site is not meant to be taken as medical advice.

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